After an active, healthy (so I thought) first 36yrs I developed an injury which resulted in years of chronic back & leg pain and left me unable to work for more than a few weeks at a time. I discovered the Bowskill Clinic and at last made great progress with my back with the help of Andrew Jackson, physiotherapist. I then took a part-time job which initially went well, but then I became so fatigued I was spending my days off on the sofa. It was then that Andrew and Graeme (physiologist at the Bowskill Clinic) sent me to see Emma, having realised I had adrenal fatigue.

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My experience with Emma has been a journey of discovery, and it is still continuing. Emma is a wealth of information and has provided me with knowledge to empower myself. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis 5 years ago, and was on medication for 2 years. After experiencing recurring flare-ups and reactions to stronger and stronger drugs, I decided to come off all medication and research a way forward myself. I changed my diet, following ‘leaky gut’ recommendations and did improve significantly but not totally. After deciding to have my mercury fillings out, my natural dentist recommended Emma. Even though I had done much research myself over the years, Emma has been the missing link in bringing everything together into a cohesive plan, with the right tests to identify issues, the right supplements and the right advice on diet and exercise.

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My husband died when I was 32 leaving me with two small children, a debt of nearly a million pounds and a business to run I knew nothing about. There followed a 21 year period of extremely stressful events. I was also working seven days a week in the business and trying to bring up the boys aged 5 and 7.

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