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Healing Technologies

At Energize Mind Body clinic we are able to offer different technologies that will support the body with its natural detox ability.

These enhancing and supporting technologies are helpful with clients who have Environmental Acquired Illnesses or for anybody who is looking for natural detox treatments.

Ionic Foot Spa

Ionic foot spas enhance the body’s natural detoxification abilities, allowing it to rid itself of heavy metals and other toxic elements more efficiently, consequently promoting a stronger immune system.

Some of the benefits of detox footbaths include:

  • The purging of heavy metals
  • The balancing of pH levels
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Purging of endotoxins
  • Supportive to detox organs
  • Enhanced immune system modulation
  • Internal cleansing

Here is what you can expect from an ionic footbath session:

Detox footbaths are known as painless procedures that promote relaxation, balance, and focus. Some discomfort may arise for those suffering from excessive toxicity, as the body’s tissues may release additional toxins throughout the purging process.

All clients are encouraged to drink water before and after the procedure, as hydration may facilitate the elimination of toxins. Possible side effects include short term fatigue and headaches.

How does an ionic detox footbath work?

An ionic detox footbath works by excreting the body’s toxins via the urine, through the effect of soaking the feet in water charged with both positive and negative ions. These electrical currents are emitted through an array located inside of the tub, immersed in special Celtic sea salt induced water that matches the mineral concentration of the ocean. The electrical currents are continuously released throughout the footbath, working to re-energize the body’s red blood cells and eliminate toxins stored in kidneys, livers, bowels, skin, and fatty tissue. Additionally, the ionic detox footbath triggers the body’s lymphatic system, leading to the continuation of the detoxifying process for 24 to 48 hours after a session.

Far Infra-Red & PEMF (via Medi Crystal Mats)

MediCrystal Mat

We are proud to offer MediCrystal Mat sessions, an effective healing method that offers our customers a variety of different functions and accompanying benefits.

MediCrystal mats are unique multi layered systems that have no harmful EMF emissions. The mat is composed of 20 layers of various biotech materials; these elements work to produce far infrared, deep rays, negative ions, and gentle magnetic fields (PEMF) that penetrate deep into tissues and organs. The MediCrystal Mat is filled with thousands of Grade A crystals that act as super conductors, stimulating the immune system and producing antibodies. The rays warm up the body and induce hyperthermia, triggering the body into a self-healing process.

Features of the MediCrystal Mat include:

  • Far Infrared Light
  • Deep Far Infrared Rays
    • Rays are amplified and geometrically structured through the release of natural, grade A Amethyst and Agate crystals containing super conductor powers
    • Agate stones are domed-shaped for optimal beneficial acupressure effect
  • Ultra Violet-Free Red light LEDs
    • Effective for added stimulation, able to penetrate the tissues and rejuvenate the skin
  • Bio-magnetic waves (PEMF) and negative ions that offer optimal healing
  • Ion balancing

What is PEMF/bio-magnetism?

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), also known as low field magnetic stimulation, uses small electrical currents and magnetic fields in its method. Both naturally occurring in the human body, these elements are the result of on-going chemical reactions and digestive, respiratory, and circulatory biological processes, as well as of general brain activity.

The MediCrystal mat emits PEMF fields that are nearly identical to the frequencies created by the cells, organs, bones and tissues in the human body. These safe, natural magnetic fields alternate at ultra-low frequencies, acting as a complementary element both chemically and functionally.

The advantage of PEMF lies in the dynamic properties of the field. This therapy is able to conduct more energy through pulsation, resulting in a more powerful effect with average and even lower intensity magnetic fields. In simpler terms, PEMF can be thought of as a battery recharger for the energies that stimulate us all throughout the day. Our MediCrystal mats have 6 PEMF coils distributed throughout their heating areas.

Why do we want to support negative ions?

Negative ions are oxygen atoms that carry an extra electron, produced when oxygen molecules break apart. Present most often in nature due to the movement of air and water, they tend to be found in large quantities near waterfalls, rain forests, and the ocean.

Negative ions boast several benefits, amongst them the ability to neutralise free radicals, revitalise cell metabolism, and maintain normal immune function.

Amethyst contains potent piezoelectric properties, which allow it to carry both positive and negative charges simultaneously. This super conductive feature of the stone is what effectively transforms the far infrared rays into longer wavelengths, which are then are able to penetrate the body in up to 8 inches.

Ions are produced by amethyst when the stone is heated in the bio crystal mat. Negative ions are known to have a very positive effect on mental health aspects like clarity, drowsiness, and mental energy, as well as more physical ailments like migraines, sinus problems, and allergies.

Cell resting potential refers to the voltage difference between the interior and exterior of the cell, mostly determined by the concentrations of the ions in the fluids on each side of the cell membrane. The abundance of negative ions has an overall alkalizing effect. When negative ions prevail, membranes are open and the nutrients uptake hydration, and the excretion of cellular waste material rises.

On the contrary, if the negative cell potential falls, membrane permeability worsens. The nutrients’ oxygen and water cannot enter the cell, waste and carbon dioxide are unable to be excreted, and an excess of sodium stays in the cell. The maintenance of a healthy negative cell potential is essential in avoiding these circumstances and contributing to our wellbeing.

The Benefits of Far Infrared

Far infrared can safely raise the body’s temperature, creating a fake fever as a result of the deeply penetrating heat. This method stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies, white blood cells, and interferon, all of which help the body protect itself from harmful microorganisms.

The benefits of Far Infrared include:

  • Easing minor muscle pain, joint pain, and stiffness
  • Temporarily relieving muscle spasms, sprains, and strains
  • Improving sleep (if such is associated with pain relief)
  • Increasing blood circulation in the applied areas
  • Increasing tissue oxygen
  • Reducing inflammation in the applied areas
  • Reducing stress and fatigue
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Promoting soothing and relaxing sensations
  • Supporting the immune system

Chi Machine

The Chi Machine offers several health benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced lymphatic function
    • Assists with detoxification and oxygenates the body
  • Modulates the sympathetic nervous system
    • Helps decrease chronic inflammation
  • Helpful in relieving lower back tension
  • Relaxation


This FDA registered device is excellent for pain management and skin care. Celluma red LED light therapy devices use specific wavelengths of light energy to improve cellular health by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells for enhanced skin appearance and pain relief.


When it comes to aging, a significant factor that leads to wrinkles, fine lines, and joint pain is due to inadequate collagen levels. Collagen is the main structural protein found in your skin and other connective tissue.

Increased fibroblast proliferation is just one benefit of LED red light therapy. Fibroblasts make collagen fibers, so it stands to reason that the more, and healthier, fibroblasts we have in the skin, the more and better collagen fibers are made.

Healthy collagen levels are what give us a glowing complexion, firm skin, strong nails, dense bones, and healthy hair. It is also essential in keeping muscles, joints, and tendons in healthy working order.

Signs of Aging

Fibroblast cells are responsible for producing collagen and elastin, the two most common proteins in connective tissue. However, as we age, our fibroblasts become compromised resulting in lower levels of these proteins. We might start noticing decreased elasticity in our skin, wrinkles, and our joints may not move as freely as they used to. This is because lower levels of collagen lead to breakdowns in cartilage which can cause inflammation, soreness, stiffness, arthritis, and prolonged recovery time after physical activity.

Proven red and near-infrared wavelengths are utilized in the Celluma light therapy device to combat the signs of aging. These specific wavelengths of light energy are clinically verified to enhance your body’s natural ability to generate collagen and elastin by activating the fibroblast cells.

Celluma gives a uniformed delivery of the light energy which is crucial to successful energy absorption by the cells.

Celluma LED Light Therapy for acne is a tremendous treatment option for fast results.

LED light therapy works by killing acne-causing bacteria at the source, deep beneath the skin’s surface. Blue LED light therapy emits specific, clinically-proven wavelengths of light to trigger an all-natural effect in human tissue, killing acne-causing bacteria, decreasing inflammation, and improving skin tone, texture, and clarity from the inside out.


  • Increases collagen and elastin production
  • Reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s firmness and resilience

Pain Relieving

  • Reduces inflammation and increases circulation
  • Relieves arthritic, muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces stiffness and muscle spasms

Acne Fighting

  • Diminishes acne bacteria
  • Clears existing breakouts
  • Restores skin’s healthy appearance

Clear Mind Neurofeedback System

What Is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback can be defined as the information or input given by the brain when it is being monitored, as indicated by its name. More specifically, neurofeedback refers to the observation of brainwaves for any irregularities that might be present, and the subsequent production of a signal designed to correct it. This signal guides the brainwaves back into healthy pattern through repetition, eventually training the brain to behave appropriately on its own. The result of this device shows an improvement in the field of brain regulation, able to assist in reducing many neurological symptoms.

All of the above treatments are only available at our Wakefield clinic.

We offer all of the above as standalone therapies, alternatively multiple techniques can be combined together as a package.

For prices and further information please contact the office. Telephone 01924 242851 or [email protected]

When working alongside a practitioner, the following therapies/techniques are available.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular acupuncture is the stimulation of nerves in the outer ear through the use of sterile needles. Having been used successfully for a number of years, this method helps clients with a multitude of health challenges. The resulting neural stimulation from auricular acupuncture leads to beneficial changes in the brain, consequently resulting in the improved general wellbeing of the individual.

Chinese Cupping / Cupping Therapy

Cupping is an incredible tool and treatment, offering a variety of beneficial effects. Its flexibility as both a technique and instrument mean that its application can help with a wide range of local and systemic symptoms.

Chinese medicine believes that illness, stress, and pain can be caused by a blockage or stagnation of blood, lymph fluids, and vital energy (known as chi). Cupping therapy can be effectively used to stimulate the movement of these elements in the body, working to effectively counteract these obstructions.

The cells of our bodies absorb oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. When energy is blocked, carbon dioxide gets clogged, an occurrence that leads to what is called acid or toxin build up. Physical pain can indicate a blockage in the flow of energy through a particular area. When toxins or cell waste stagnate in the muscle or joints, it can be difficult for the body to get rid of this waste, possibly causing further blockage and discomfort. Through the use of cupping techniques, we are able to remove the blockage from the deep tissue to the skin’s surface, where it becomes easier for the body to eliminate these toxins through superficial blood supply or the capillary system.

Since energy blockages and stagnations can occur from various types of illnesses, stress, and pain, cupping therapy is often included as an essential part of many therapy programmes.

Vibrational Medicine and Bio Field Healing (SoundHealing/Energy Work)


The greatest benefit of energy healing is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health.

Energy healing and sound healing are natural therapies that gently balances the body’s life-force and brings health and wellbeing to the recipient.

Energy healing helps provide the additional energy required to recover from health challenges by increasing the bodies built in defences.

Substantial Research shows that sound healing is incredibly beneficial when working with a variety of people.

Sound healing creates a deep relaxation state – The sounds permeate our system returning it back to harmony. It clears energetic blockages which can create deep healing during sound therapy as the sound vibrations open, clear, and balance the chakras and releases stuck energy.

Increases vitality – research shows benefits can include improved sleep, reduction of chronic pain and blood pressure, lowered cholesterol, and a decreased risk of heart disease.

With sound healing you will experience states of deep relaxation, reduced stress, increased blood flow, enhanced immune response, and full integration of body & mind.

Emma uses tuning forks and sound as therapy to help you to experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse. The interaction of frequencies will influence your emotional, spiritual and physical state which will assist you in connecting to your Authentic Life Rhythm.


Tuning Forks?

  • Provides instantaneous, deep state of relaxation
  • Improves mental clarity and brain functioning
  • Increases your level of physical energy and mental concentration
  • Relieves stress by drawing your body into a centered space
  • Brings your nervous system into balance
  • Integrates left and right brain thought patterns



For further information please contact the office