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In Clinic Services

Functional Medicine and Functional Testing


Functional medicine is a holistic, patient-focused, science-based, collaborative approach to health that looks at the origins and the underlying causes of the illness and symptoms. It is a comprehensive approach that emphasizes not just restoring health, but also preventing disease in the first place.

Functional medicine looks at patterns that are present in our whole system. It’s the medicine that connects the dots between all the things that are going wrong within our biology.

Functional medicine looks at the person as a whole.

Investigating and understanding how the different biological systems work, and how they are all interlinked, allows us to intervene at the cause of the problem, rather than just trying to manage the symptoms.

Health and Nutrition Testing

We offer a full range of health and nutrition testing including functional testing, which allows us to understand the root cause of your health complaint.

The following health, nutrition and toxin testing is completed in clinic

The root cause of any health complaint is specific to the individual and based on multiple factors such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, toxicity exposure and psychological and physical stress. Functional testing enables us to understand all these factors, so we can identify the drivers efficiently and effectively.

We’ve carefully selected the most advanced testing from specialist labs across the world, enabling us to provide a diagnosis based on scientific fact. They pick up disturbances in physiological functioning that conventional tests miss – because they’re either not sensitive enough or not looking for it.

We can offer the following tests to be completed at home, which will include a telephone consultation with Emma to interpret the results.

  • Hormonal – male and female
  • SIBO
  • Thyroid
  • Parasitical, Bacterial and Fungal
  • GI function testing
  • IGG
  • Organic Acid
  • Adrenal
  • Mould
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Vitamin D levels
  • MarCons
  • DNA

Brain Tap HRV Scan

8 Reasons Why BrainTap HRV is an Important Tool

  • It gives a baseline of where the important regulatory systems are at, their
    interconnectivity and how they are functioning to maintain health.
  • It is patient friendly and practitioner friendly. Easy to interpret with visual
    charts and graphs so you can tell where you are and what you need to do
    to improve.
  • Shows an invaluable amount of information on how your autonomic
    nervous system is functioning or if you have your central nervous system
    trying to do all the work. Which it is not designed to do and can be
    causing more stress to your body.
  • The scan has a stress index that will give you an opportunity to see
    something that has been invisible to you. This index will show you how
    hard the nervous system of the body has to work to achieve balance with
    information on how improve your adaptive capabilities.
  • The scan will allow you to see your actual age vs. your biological age. This
    will allow you to see if you’re prematurely aging or reversing the aging
  • You will be able to see where your energy levels are and be given
    solutions on how you can boost your energy and metabolism through
    simple lifestyle changes.
  • Easy to apply and only takes five minutes or less to administer and
    reports can be printed or e-mailed.
  • Results between successive tests are easy to visualize for comparison of