Oligolab testing

What is Oligolab?

An innovative optical technology which screens minerals, trace elements and toxic metals at an intra-tissular level.

Oligolab is a metabolic search engine using a hand-held scanning device that detects instantly tissue intracellular minerals imbalance and intoxication

Oligolab AI software technology is a revolutionary technique that uses Spectrophotometry to make a quick and precise clinical interpretation of metabolic health problems in your tissue in 7 seconds and helps prevent any health imbalance using 3 biotechnology (minerals’ biomarkers, bioavailability and tissue biochemistry).

How does it work?

To be more informative, precise and penetrative, the measurement is made on the skin of the palm from three different places. The optical readings of the absorbed light produce numeric results that reflect the value of minerals in the tissues.

The numeric data will then be analysed and a specialised report will be produced.

How different is it from other technologies?

The advantage of tissue analysis as opposed to blood, urine or hair is that is gives a more stable picture. The report allows Emma to observe what is inside your cells and therefore to assess your organ health.

What are the advantages of using Oligolab.

The results are in “real time” with the possibility of immediate interpretation.

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