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NES Health – one simple, powerful system for creating total wellness

As a Certified NES Practitioner, Emma uses the Total WellNES System and its component products to complement her existing practice. In addition Emma offers individual NES WellNES sessions to members of the general public who are not registered clients.

The Total WellNES system helps to restore health using its proprietary step process:

NES Health is the culmination of 30 years of research into the Human Body-Field by the late Peter Fraser and entrepreneur, Harry Massey.

The NES Health System is a one of a kind system that addresses all three critical factors for human health and total wellness, allowing you to correct all aspects of the body: its information, energy and physiology.

What is NES Health?


(Re) Assess with NES ProVision software

An incredibly comprehensive health assessment tool. The client simply places their hand on the scanning device and in moments the software returns more than 150 results about the body and body-field. The ProVision software also identifies NES MiHealth therapy functions and NES Infoceuticals that can best correct body-field distortions.


Rejuvenate with the NES MiHealth Handheld Device

A compact, hand-held, electronic, multi-functional instrument, which can be used both on and off the body. Used as part of the Total WellNES System, the MiHealth can be used during a client session to release blockages or trigger points identified during the NES ProVision scan. (This is not available for remote appointments).


Re-Imprint with NES Infoceutical Liquid Drops

These liquid drops restore integrity to the human body-field. They are purified water containing a minute quantity of plant-derived micro-mineral, which are encoded with information to help return specific aspects of the body-field to proper function.

NES WellNES sessions

Energize Mind Body clients and members of the general public can book WellNES Sessions subject to normal clinic availability. Remote appointments are also available however in order to complete a scan remotely a remote scanner will need to be purchased at a cost £90.

Sessions will consist of a scan, interpretation and guidance, and infoceutical recommendations. Sessions will last for a maximum of 45 minutes. Sessions taking place face to face will also benefit from use of the MiHealth device if applicable.

Sessions will be invoiced prior to the appointment date and must be paid for in advance. As a guideline we recommend having one scan per month.

NES WellNES for registered clients

As part of a clients regular consultation process Emma may choose to use the NES ProVision scanning software if appropriate, however NES scans are not a guaranteed part of a client consultation with Emma due to time constraints and other factors. If you would like to use the NES WellNES system to support your health and wellbeing outside of normal consults then you can book a separate NES WellNES session, either face to face or remotely.

NES Health: The 21st Century System of Healthcare