Toxic Roulette 2 – Proactive solutions

The 21st– century environment is very toxic to the human body! We discussed this in detail in a previous article I wrote called “Toxic Roulette – A new age challenge”. There was a great deal of interest and we received many requests for more...

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The importance of lymphatics

Written by Emma Lane The importance of lymphatics Many people are not aware of the importance of the lymphatics system, actually many are unaware they have a lymphatic system and that if it is not taken care of may cause a myriad of symptoms....

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Are you sick from mould?

Written by Emma Lane When you have the unfortunate experience of walking into a room or building that has a musty smell, generally you may think to yourself “this is an unpleasant smell”, and quickly remove yourself from the environment. What...

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Tells of the dis-eased body – part two

Written by Emma Lane In the first part of this blog on dis-ease, I looked at how disease processes take 10 to 15 years to develop in the body, and how it communicates when the fundamental metabolic control systems are out of balance. Now I will...

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