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Arthritis, rheumatism, lymphodema in my leg and a weight problem

I first heard about Emma from my niece Leann. She had told me some wonderful stories how Emma had helped people who in there own way had a problem. Leann nattered me for months “go see Emma” she would say every Sunday, so I gave, in it was the best decision I have EVER made. I saw Emma in February 2009 I explained I had arthritis/rheumatism/lymphodema in my leg and a weight problem.

My first visit lasted 3 hrs the time flew by, Emma listened to me and told me that she could help me. I was given literature to take home to read and a few days later I had some tests done. It turned out my digestion was all to pot as they say and I have an intolerance to Gluten and Dairy. Emma explained my weight was not a problem and once I had sorted my inside I would then shine on the outside.

I have completely changed my eating habits, I swim 4 days a week and walk when I can, my skin/hair/complexion is that of a 30yr old. I’m 63 this February and it is a long time since I felt this good. My movements are a lot better and I know I have some way to go but I will get there and to, date I have lost 1st 10lb!. I have the support of Emma and my family behind me but most of all I think daily what Leann said to me “The best investment you can ever make is your health” and shes right, so anyone reading this make that first step – pick up the phone – it will be the best phone call you will ever make. Emma said “what did you do that you cant do now? and I said dance, well im half way there and I cant wait to SALSA.

– Elaine W – UK