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Client Review – July 2023

Your support is more than I can put in words, it is my joy to express this to you.

Emma helped me with problems I have been trying to cope with for decades.

When I signed up with Emma, I didn’t know what I was in for. I have worked with mentors and teachers many times, but this blew off the roof of my understanding of what health is.

Not only did Emma take care of my SIBO symptoms overnight, which I have been struggling with for years, Emma then coached me through a SIBO protocol which has bettered my digestive tract many folds and subsequently my emotional state of being as well, which was something that has been dragging me down for decades. Furthermore Emma pointed out to me how to manage my Renaud Syndrome.

I haven’t felt this energized in decades. This feeling is sustainable because Emma teaches health.

Thank you Energize Mind Body Team

Hadi El Rabbat, 32, Holistic Lifestyle and Functional Training Coach, Cologne Germany