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I’m not entirely sure where I’d be right now without Emma Lane.

I’m not entirely sure where I’d be right now without Emma Lane. Having suffered all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms for over 10 years prior to finally being diagnosed with coeliac disease, I believe a lot of damage was done whilst all these signs were ignored. Even following diagnosis and advice from the consultant and dieticians in the hospital (gluten-free diet and maintaining calcium and vitamin D levels), I was still experiencing various symptoms.

Emma carried out a range of assessments to get to the root of what was going on in my body. Once she had the information required, Emma prioritised what needed treatment first. We started with dietary and lifestyle modifications and then moved onto specific supplementation protocols. Every single decision took my situation at that time into consideration and symptoms were constantly monitored for any necessary adjustments.

After helping my gut (which also reduced frequency of back and neck pains dramatically), Emma then helped me overcome fatigue and exhaustion. Once I was able to maintain good digestion, balanced blood sugars and energy levels, we moved onto my fertility. I’m lucky to not have any serious or chronic diseases of the pelvic organs, however my periods were either non-existent or very irregular for 4 years after coming off the pill. On starting the hormonal protocol from Emma, my periods became regular, and only a few months into the plan I fell pregnant!

I have learnt so much from Emma; I feel happier, healthier, in total awe of my body growing a mini human and able to maintain balance through small tweaks in diet, lifestyle and energy management. Emma’s ability to see how every single process in the body can affect a completely different part of the body makes her work so special as she won’t leave any stone unturned. She not only treats symptoms, but also empowers you to understand how to avoid becoming symptomatic again by monitoring other signs and knowing how to respond. Thank you so much to Emma and her EMB team!

– Lucy B