I burned myself out

I burned myself out 8 years ago. I made a couple of recoveries but, following a number of stressful situations in a short period of time, I had dipped even further down and thought I may never feel healthy again. My symptoms were numerous. It felt as if the different systems within my body were failing. I felt horrendous every day. As a competitive sportsperson and being self-employed who used to have loads of energy this was disastrous for me on many levels. I then made contact with Emma.

The entire process is thorough and requires commitment. A�It is a combination of lifestyle changes and supplementation. A�Emma leaves no stone unturned. Ita��s now 22 months since my first consultation with Emma. A�I now have a good level of energy and am competing again, although I have a long way to go to get back to my previous self in terms of my sport. A�I feel healthy and that is the most important thing. A�The only remaining issue is to get my digestive system functioning better but vast improvements have been made there too. A�Emma has an amazing understanding of the gut.

If you are determined and committed to better health then I highly recommend Emma. A�If you want to be successful in the process the best advice I can give is to do what Emma tells you to do.”

– Ann

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