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Metabolic typing success

When I sit back and reflect on the changes I have made under Emma s guidance over the past five years ..I am amazed, and truly grateful that she has been a part of my transformational journey.

Having spent 30 years of my life as a yo-yo dieter and comfort eater and during that time being forced into the madness of one commercial diet followed by yet another – of course, sadly, as with so many people, there was no true success rate to show for my efforts. So, when In my mid 40 s I plunged and realised I had hit rock bottom, this all coinciding with the time my three teenage sons moved away from home for schooling/university – I knew I needed to seek professional help on many fronts.

How lucky was I to have been guided towards Emma by a close colleague in the fitness industry I was understandably relieved and totally astounded at how simple it could be to have found something so successful as metabolic typing to get my eating back on track!! How refreshing to find that you can eat without weighing your food, without counting calories, without avoiding fat, without handing over your hard earned money to stand on scales weekly!.. ..just give your body the fuel it needs, remove what doesn’t agree with it, and maintain steady blood sugar levels. Agreeably, it takes time to accommodate the changes in your life, but oh my goodness it’s worth it for the benefits – I have found a whole new way of approaching food preparation and cooking – and I absolutely love it!! It is astounding how many health improvements are achieved just by changing what we eat and digest!!

Besides managing food, I have succeeded in turning my adrenal fatigue right round, I have eliminated or reduced numerous gut issues, I consistently enjoy a good night’s sleep therefore waking to feel refreshed and energised, I have regained my enthusiasm and love of life, learned to love myself as a person, increased my ability to train hard and recover, learned to deal with stressful situations and manage difficult circumstances, reduced toxicity on many fronts and I am continually working towards personal goals to be the strong independent woman I have desired to be for so long. With the support of Emma I am now in the process of clearing emotional blocks, and regaining the hormonal balance and reduction of debilitating menstrual symptoms that are cramping my lifestyle and holding me back.

None of these would be on the radar if I hadn’t taken the plunge to seek Emma s guidance in 2012. Emma is one of the most personable, supportive, knowledgeable, intuitive, empathetic coaches I have ever come across. After 5 years of consulting with Emma, she still astounds me with her fountain of knowledge and how she intuitively knows which route to take to get the best results with her clients. And with the help of her dedicated team back in the office keeping everything together, you are never far from the answer and direction you need.

Thank you for being a part of my journey Emma It is comforting to think that I have found a truly inspirational and supportive female to help me find true balance in my life. Having been given a number of resources to take control of my own wellbeing, I know I can look forward to a happy and healthy journey ahead 🙂


– Louise Simmons
East Sussex