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Ulcerative colitis

In my mid-teens, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and spent the next 10 years dutifully following the medical advice given to me by doctors and consultants. I endured countless invasive examinations and numerous hospital visits including a few longer stays, my symptoms included acute stomach cramps, having bowel movements 50 plus times daily with blood, headaches, having to stop all solid food for up to 4 days, complete mind fog, and many more symptoms, I remember thinking in my mid 20’s I don’t think I’ll see my 40’s!

My life revolved around knowing where the next toilet would be, I’d experience high levels of anxiety eating food, in case it irritated me causing countless toilet visits. Dealing with abdominal cramps and spasms and general brain fog on a daily basis was exhausting. Unfortunately, the problem I faced was the medications were not working and my symptoms were getting worse. I’d been advised, by consultants and doctors, to have a portion of my bowel removed which meant I’d need a colostomy bag. This, for me, was devastating as I was in the process of completing an osteopathic degree, so having a bag would have put a swift halt to that.

I declined the surgery and started reading and searching for things that may help. That’s when I signed up to a couple of courses Emma was teaching, having not known Emma previously I had no idea what to expect. The first course was brilliant, Emma’s depth of knowledge is outstanding and it was so great to have finished a course with things I could do to improve my health. Then came the second course, simply amazing, life changing! Emma is a phenomenal teacher, I was aware that she was able to work on many different levels to assist healing and she always imparts very useable practical advice on how to implement the information given into daily life.

After the courses, I consulted with Emma on a one to one basis. Over time Emma has suggested various G.I, digestive, adrenal, hormonal tests, which have assisted in following a supplement protocol. I’ve had treatments and been given advice on nutrition, exercise, timeline therapy, auricular acupuncture, various energetic healing, challenging my thought processes and perceptions, stress management and so much more. My goodness, to me, this woman is an Oracle. I haven’t taken any prescription medications for the past 10+ years, I no longer experience any of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, Its quite simply been life-changing.

I’m not sure I can do justice with words as to the changes Emma has helped me with, I feel quite emotional thinking of how far I have come from the lowest point of disease to living and enjoying life. I’m truly grateful to Emma for the profound changes she has guided me through.

Thank you to all the Staff at Energize, Sarah and Nicki in the office are always so helpful and lovely.

You’ve changed my life, Emma, from my heart, thank you x