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Physically, mentally and emotionally drained

Prior to my first consultation with Emma in July 2016 I had reached a point in life where I felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained.  In the 2-3 years previous, I was experiencing many physical symptoms affecting my quality of life and finding it increasingly difficult to function as I needed to each day.

As someone who when in my mid 30’s was working in the fitness industry, I felt that even exercising or going for a short run was becoming near to impossible as I was so fatigued.  My symptoms were worsening, affecting me daily and I could not seem to get my weight down. The harder I tried or pushed to keep going, the worse things I was experiencing got. Despite some medical tests, there was no obvious reason for what I was experiencing.   My health and body were heading in the wrong direction and even with health and fitness knowledge, I was at a complete loss of how to recover. I felt completely exhausted and knew I needed help from someone who would be able to take a holistic view of where I was at.
After a thorough analysis Emma was able to identify what was going on with me physiologically and the various mental, emotional and lifestyle/nutritional factors that were contributing.  From the very first consultation it was a relief to finally have some answers and an action plan to start moving me in the direction of creating optimal health and wellbeing. A year down the line Emma has helped me take responsibility for creating optimal health through the choices I make on a daily basis.  I am now in a much healthier position where the majority of my physical symptoms have cleared up, am over 3 stone lighter, healing my gut health and feel 10 years younger. I feel energised mentally and physically and am able to wake up each day working towards my future goals, rather than that heavy fatigue and symptomatic struggle I previously experienced.

Emma has a non- judgemental, empathetic approach and is extremely knowledgeable about all factors that contribute to creating either optimal or poor health.  She has a unique ability to know exactly what interventions and/or lifestyle changes are appropriate at every step of the way to support you in achieving your goals.  There is always support and questions answered between consultations with the help of Nicki and Sarah in the office. All this combined leads to a 1st class client experience.  I highly recommend Emma, and the coaching support she provides is invaluable to anyone looking to take responsibility for creating optimal health and wellbeing for themselves.

– Lee, East Sussex