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Chronic back pain, fatigue and insomnia

Being a wife, mother and business owner travelling internationally regularly it eventually took its toll on my health. I was suffering with chronic back pain, fatigue, insomnia and a general feeling of unwell and sadness.

I was struggling to concentrate and make decisions that used to be easy and I had lost my sense of humour and social well-being. However, I realised I had to take control of the situation when I fell asleep at the wheel of my car, parked at traffic lights, on my way to work. I wasn’t prepared to seek conventional methods to support my condition; I felt they would treat my symptoms not the cause, and having heard Emma speak at a conference, I decided to contact her. I liked Emma’s no nonsense approach but realised quickly by picking and choosing the pieces of her advice I was prepared to act upon and ignoring the rest was not going to get me well. Whilst we treated the condition with supplements that supported my recovery Emma also made suggestions to change my lifestyle which I found harder to acknowledge and act upon as bad habits are hard to break. As soon as I took ALL of her advice on board change happened more quickly and whilst it took almost 3 years to get back to optimum heath I now feel like the old me, in control of my physical health, my mood and my relationships. It’s an investment but you can’t put a price on your health. What I have learnt about my health and well-being I will take with me through life and I am convinced I made the right decision in taking the alternative route.

J Waller
Executive Director