Newsletter 2

Good morning,

Hope this email finds you well and you are staying virus free.

We ask you to think clearly about how you can protect yourself and others firstly by following the very simple hygiene and protective guidelines that the government agencies have covered extensively which are aimed at slowing down the spread. Also through other measures which support our intrinsic capacity for immunity and improving your body’s natural defences, we can protect human health and enhance resilience. 

  1. Maintain your rhythms eg circadian (10 pm-6 am), blood sugar, peristalsis etc
  2. Stay hydrated – weight in kilos x 0.033 = litres needed per day
  3. Eating real wholesome food
  4. Meal spacing – 12 hours no food overnight. Eg eat at 7 pm, do not eat until after 7 am the next day. Drink water only.
  5. Getting a good night’s sleep. It is more important than ever now to get the right number of hours of sleep, especially before midnight. Ideally, be asleep for 10 pm through to 6 am.
  6. Avoid uses devices i.e phones, computers etc excessively, turn the wi-fi off when not using and definitely at night. Please remember that EMF and wi-fi are proven to affect (negatively) your immune system function.
  7. Get as much sunshine as you possibly can as this not only boosts vitamin D levels, it also recharges your immunity, creates a more efficient metabolism, as well as lifting mood!
  8. Exercise within the space you have, whether that is in the house, on the balcony or in the garden. Ground yourself on any soil that you have access to.
  9. Stay connected to family, friends, neighbours etc.
  10. Practice any form of relaxation, mindfulness or meditation. Whatever form this takes: music-making, poetry, meditation, walking the dog, hugging the cat, laughing, breathing, or yoga, we know that such practices also balance the automatic part of our nervous system that can get stuck in the ‘fight fright and flight’ mode when people are anxious. We know from scientific studies that chronic stress suppresses immunity and damages our body, in particular, the nervous system. So, avoid stress at all cost and learn to only ‘sweat the big things’ not the little things.
  11. Maintain your specific and specific support protocols as best you can. Maintain your individual (diet) metabolic needs as this is major support for your overall physiological function.

As mentioned previously, it is important to keep the immune system boosted, which can be helped with immune supporting supplements.

We do have some things in stock, but as you can imagine over the past 2 weeks, orders have flown out of the door, however we wanted to make you aware that we do have small stocks of certain immune boosting supplements, which we have held back for clients, therefore should you wish to order any vitamin C, D, resveratrol etc please do let me know, however we are limited and will be limiting how much we sell to each of you.

We wish you good health and strength to get through this difficult time.

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