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FSM – Louise Simmons

I have been working with Emma for a number of years and have been truly grateful for all the guidance and support offered, to help me create balance and wellbeing in my life.

The most recent holistic treatment Emma has studied is the FSM system – which I have now  introduced into my well-being regime, using it to successfully support and treat my Immune System; digestion; lymphedema; muscle and joint soreness; liver detox and so much more, but I have been totally excited to see the results of the FSM system on anti-aging, and most particularly on my face.  The results of the treatment speak highly for themselves…..I am heading into menopause and had been readily accepting the deterioration of the health of my skin, loss of tone, elasticity, colour etc, but starting the FSM Facial treatments under Emma’s recommendation and guidance has been absolutely eye-opening,  Combining the micro-currents with the support of organic collagen face masks, it has revealed a youthful glow, increased elasticity, reduced wrinkles/sun spots/blemishes, less tired looking eyes, and generally given a welcome ‘lift’ to my whole complexion.  It feels amazing and along with enjoying the compliments I am now receiving, the treatment has given me improved confidence, and an added interest in looking after my skin again.

I can’t praise this piece of equipment enough… much so, I have recently invested in a set for my own home use…..once set up by Emma, it’s easy to use, can be transported with you, and helps support every other well being discipline you carry out.  In three words “I Love it” !!!

Thank you Emma for all that you do to help create platforms of well-being and happiness in your clients’ lives.
Louise Simmons
August 2021