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FSM Treatements – Bernadette

I first met Emma in 2019 as a student on one of her courses ‘Holistic Approaches to the Fully Functional Gut ‘and I was so impressed with her knowledge and expertise in gastrointestinal health and pathogens that I immediately enrolled on another course! Her enthusiasm and thirst for  learning really made an impression on me. Since then I have been a client of Emma’s who has had an incredible impact on improving my health and well-being.  I had initially sought help for digestive issues which I had been experiencing for some time, Emma has helped me to change my diet and lifestyle and adopt a commitment to optimal health which has meant I feel better now that I have for decades.

Emma has a range of tools to support wellness and whilst at Emma’s Wakefield clinic I was introduced to many of these including FSM. FSM has benefited me in so many ways, releasing chronic muscle tension has meant I can move with an ease and balance in a way I hadn’t for a long time. I hadn’t fully realised how pain and stiffness had been impacting my sleep until FSM treatments led to a quality of sleep I had not previously experienced.  It can target different areas of the body and I use it daily as it is such a versatile tool, some days I will use bath and towel treatments and other days just the pads. Depending on my schedule I can adapt the FSM treatments which make it a brilliant self-care tool.

I cannot fully express my thanks to Emma who continues to make such a difference to the quality of my life.