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FSM for our whole family – Danielle Mensah

I’ve been a client and student of Emma for 2 years, her knowledge is incredibly vast and relevant. Emma recommended FSM for our whole family especially our 4yr old, it’s easy to use and we love it.  There’s lots of different protocols covering organs, emotions, body pain, sport performance, mould etc.  We decided to get the magnetic converters as well, although it was extra money, we think it is fully justified for daily use and the ease of being treated while we sleep.  It’s made a big difference.

When Emma suggested FSM we were a bit sceptical. It sounds like a magic machine and costs a lot. We decided to go for it, especially because we can have 3hrs + treatments through the night, including for our little boy. That’s so easy and simple. It’s made a huge difference to how we feel. Within weeks we found ourselves “fighting” over who gets to use it.

We’ve had severe long term mold exposure which has affected our whole family, 2 adults and 1 young child (now 4). FSM is incredibly beneficial, helping with a wide array of issues and symptoms. We use it during the day and night and it helps with so much eg:

  • improving sleep
  • reducing pain and discomfort
  • recovering after exercise
  • boosting performance (mental, physical Inc sport)
  • improving mood and relaxation
  • healing physical injuries
  • dealing with mold
  • feeling balanced and energised
  • improves vagal tone
  • concussion recovery

If you’re thinking about it, go for it. It’s like a lifelong companion for healing and wellness. Always available at home and simple to use. In our view the payback is well worth the cost.

I asked my husband what he thinks the benefits are and he said, it does what it says it will.


Quote from my husband “again, sport perform did the job, love this machine.”  It’s helping me play even better tennis!  This is from a guy who is very sceptical about all this stuff!

Danielle Mensah, business owner & mother