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Samantha George, Nutritionist/PT/HLC/Health coach

I had been struggling with digestive issues since I was a young child and being a nutritionist myself, I felt like I had made all the right changes and was doing everything as I should but still not getting to the bottom of the issue, just managing the symptoms. This often meant cutting out foods but over the years more and more foods seemed to be causing me problems so my diet became far too restricted. I knew this was an issue but didn’t know how to get out of the hole I had dug myself.

I had gone through several functional medicine protocols in the past but the results never seemed to last more than a couple of months and I was back at square one, usually with another food I had become intolerant to along the way.  After a period of high stress, I found that my symptom management just wasn’t working any more. I was down to very few foods that I could eat comfortably and was suffering with intense bloating (kind people gave up their seats on the train for me thinking I was pregnant on more than one occasion!), my sinuses were always blocked, I was always tired and achy, struggling to recover from workouts and by the time I got to Emma I was pretty fed up with life too. I was just so tired!

I had been studying with Emma for a few years and her level of knowledge and ability to explain it all simply always blew me away, so after spending my new year in hospital, I knew I needed help and I knew I wanted to work with Emma. From the in-depth intake forms and my first consultation, Emma had a pretty good idea of what she thought was going on with me. I already knew I had Sibo and some fungal issues but she tested me for mold and marcons and spoke to me about limbic system dysfunction which I never would have even considered to be an issue.

I am now still managing my symptoms but slowly adding in new foods (even managing a tiny bit of butter with no symptoms yesterday!!), I have loads more energy, I am no longer blaming my body and thinking of it as being broken in some way. If I am tired, I stop and rest without guilt or blame and whilst doing less, resting more and working my way through the protocols, I have somehow managed to build more muscle too. My skin is much clearer and I am now aware of the amount of oxolates my body can handle without causing me issues.

The work was a significant investment for me but Emma always kept that in mind finding the most cost effective way to help me. Nicki has been super helpful in all admin, payments and making sure I have the right supplements too.

I came to Emma to ‘fix my gut’ and whilst that is slowly progressing, what I feel I have really achieved is an ability to accept my imperfections, be kinder to myself and live the life that I want to.

Samantha George, Nutritionist/PT/HLC/Health coach