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GI trouble within days of taking an antibiotic

I first met Emma in 2007 after being quite frustrated for a few years, because GI specialists couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

I’d had GI trouble within days of taking an antibiotic in 2004, which also caused a skin rash on my entire body. I was physically and emotionally stressed after having my 4th child, in the midst of starting my new career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.
In 2005 I became certified as Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK Institute and renewed my certification with Emma in 2007. In a sympathetic, supportive and motivating way, Emma helped my husband, 4 children and me, establish a baseline of health, by eating according to our metabolic types and improving our commitment to the 6 Foundations of Health, (positive thinking, breathing, water, nutrition, sleep and movement), before recommending a few protocols, which helped us get rid of several parasites and high levels of candida. We balanced my hormones so that now I have a regular menstrual cycle, very solid sleeping and consistent energy throughout my day. She is instrumental in helping me on my path of repairing a herniated disk and torn labrum/ hip impingement, recommending aqua drills, among other exercises, when I couldn’t bike, run or swim for a while.

At each consult, which now occurs every few months, she is always able to identify with me and help me reach a whole new level of health and wellbeing. She has helped me understand and connect with every important person in my life in a deeper and more meaningful way. By discovering an inner peace and maturity, I have grown personally and professionally. In addition to being a great health and life coach, Emma has become a mentor as well, helping me with more challenging clients, which is very exciting. I am so grateful to have Emma in my life, and highly recommend her to those who want to reach a higher state of health.

– Sarah Hammond
ACE personal trainer
Yoga instructor, triathlete
Milwaukee, WI