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Devastating diagnosis of chronic hepatitis

After a devastating out-of-the-blue diagnosis of chronic hepatitis, I was further distressed that my doctor dismissed my desire to be as fit as possible before treatment. What could I do? My trainer at the gym recommended that I see Emma Lane. She would help me, he said.

Although I thought that I was a healthy person, I knew that I could be so much more and so, I went to Emma. It was the best thing that I could have done. Emma applauded my desire to be as healthy as possible before I was able to be considered for treatment through a drug trial. After filling out questionnaires and doing various tests, she told me that by eating better and exercising less, I could attain my goals. Exercising at the gym six days a week at the level I was doing, was wearing me down, not building me up. She reminded me that I was not training for the Olympics.

Although I ate organic food most of the time, Emma pointed out that intolerances to various foods were weakening me. My digestive process was not as good as it should be. If I could take some of the load off my liver by eating better, then why not do it?

Emma gave me a food plan that was not easy to follow, but after a little while, it became easy. With each meal and supplements, I knew I was doing a good thing. It took a while for friends and family to see the positive side of what I was doing, but they all agreed that I looked better and soon, were phoning me with menus to make sure that they would not be serving me food that was not good for me.

Further, when I did have traditional medical treatment, as I navigated through the highs and lows of a drug trial, Emma and her office staff were very supportive. I am not cured yet of the hepatitis, but my blood levels are mostly normal now and I am feeling good. Whatever the future holds, I know that Emma will be there for me. As I have made a commitment for better health, I know that she will continue to be a great support.

– Dr. A Brown – UK