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IBS attacks after giving birth

I started to get IBS attacks after the birth of my son 11 years ago, attacks were infrequent but as time has gone on the attacks became more regular, lasted longer and were much more painful to the point of debilitation. My GP although happy to diagnose and treatment the symptoms could offer no solution to the cause.

I finally arranged to see Emma in December 2014 after a recommendation from a friend who had been helped.

Before our first 2 hour appointment I completed a blood test and questionnaires, during the appointment we discussed everything about my life not just my health so Emma could get a full picture. The blood tests had shown an intolerance to a number of foods and Emma recommend in the first instance that I eliminate these foods and follow other diet recommendations. This wasn’t easy 2 weeks before Christmas but I was determined to try. The results were almost immediate and I started to feel better, by the time I spoke to Emma again 6 weeks later I had been symptom and pain-free which was the longest period for years.

8 months on I still feel brilliant with no attacks during that time. Emma’s advice has been invaluable and changed my life. She has always been very supportive, understanding and encouraging and has changed my life for the better. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

– Emma Lauder, UK