Bad lower back pain, muscular spasms in both legs and loss of use of the right foot and toes

When I first went to Energize, I had endured eighteen months of severe back trouble. I had bad lower back pain, muscular spasms in both legs and loss of use of my right foot and toes. I was gradually becoming less mobile and “hunched” up. Daily I had to take large doses of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Everything seemed to aggravate the pain, from getting out of bed to driving the car. I could only carry our baby to bed by hauling myself upstairs using the banister rail and shuffling up one step at a time.

The hospital consultant said there wasn’t anything more that they could do for me. I was then fitted with a caliper to help me walk.

After only two weeks of the Energize program I decided to reduce the tablets I was taking for the pain and within a short period of time I didn’t need them at all.

Eight months of stretching, balancing, lifting and pulling I was able to give up using the caliper as well.

Emma gave me hope, right from the start. She always managed to encourage me to keep trying, using her praise and infectious enthusiasm.

I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

– Michael Thompson
Postman – UK

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