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I feel more energised and confident than I have for a long time

I am a practitioner, sports therapist, and health and nutrition coach. I chose Emma to work with as a mentor after taking the HLC 1 course in 2010. I was impressed by her obvious passion, way of thinking and in depth knowledge, which shines out. I feel a responsibility to the people that come to me for help, to give them the best quality information and advice, the best way of working and to be the best example for them. So I want to learn from the best. To begin with, Emma helped me identify key areas in my own diet and lifestyle which were not balanced and required concentrated effort and investment in order to address them. Not only do I feel more energised and confident than I have for a long time, but I have been able to help many of my clients achieve excellent outcomes of their own, directly due to what Emma has taught me so far. It is not unusual to hear vastly conflicting opinions and theories in this industry, and it is wonderful to have Emma who is such a great guide to what works and what doesn’t. Emma a great asset to my business and my life and I hope to continue working with her and learning from her well into the future.

– Clare Smith, UK