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Journey of discovery

My experience with Emma has been a journey of discovery, and it is still continuing. Emma is a wealth of information and has provided me with knowledge to empower myself. I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis 5 years ago, and was on medication for 2 years. After experiencing recurring flare-ups and reactions to stronger and stronger drugs, I decided to come off all medication and research a way forward myself. I changed my diet, following ‘leaky gut’ recommendations and did improve significantly but not totally. After deciding to have my mercury fillings out, my natural dentist recommended Emma. Even though I had done much research myself over the years, Emma has been the missing link in bringing everything together into a cohesive plan, with the right tests to identify issues, the right supplements and the right advice on diet and exercise.

Right from the beginning, Emma suggested to be kind to my body by spreading out the mercury removal, enabling my body to recover in between. An adrenal test showed depletion which 10 months later are now within normal levels. Changes to my diet with the metabolic typing diet helped, and identified further inflammation caused by certain foods. Each step, test and tweak has helped my symptoms and removed a cause that is then uncovering a potential further contributor, which is now pathogenic bacteria. With all the tests, advice, which test to do when, the timing of it all, Emma is an expert. The whole process builds upon itself to enable a fully functioning body and mind. Even though I still get flare-ups, my whole mental approach has improved and I feel that it is all a step in the right direction.

When I first saw Emma, I told her that I had made improvements in my inflammation levels everywhere but my knees, which felt worse. Emma felt this was a different issue, and tests showed I had osteoarthritis in both knees. Strength exercises at the gym only exacerbated the problem, so Emma took me under her wing again and devised a specific exercise programme to help me. I can now walk for hours, up and downhill, whereas before 5 minutes was difficult, in addition to being able to get out of the car and chairs with ease.
I really do appreciate everything Emma has done for me and I feel I am now on a path that is bringing success.

– H Godber, UK