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Years of chronic back & leg pain

After an active, healthy (so I thought) first 36yrs I developed an injury which resulted in years of chronic back & leg pain and left me unable to work for more than a few weeks at a time. I discovered the Bowskill Clinic and at last made great progress with my back with the help of Andrew Jackson, physiotherapist. I then took a part-time job which initially went well, but then I became so fatigued I was spending my days off on the sofa. It was then that Andrew and Graeme (physiologist at the Bowskill Clinic) sent me to see Emma, having realised I had adrenal fatigue.

Despite taking adrenal supplements and completely changing my diet from my previous low fat, high grain diet to one containing the protein & fat I was needing, I made little progress & came to a point when I couldn’t continue working. Then Emma suggested we did a GI test. I’d had very few GI symptoms, but Emma found I had the gut protozoa Blastocystis Hominis. After an 8 week protocol to eliminate the parasite with natural products my energy was returning & I was able to work again. After eliminating a yeast also my energy levels improved further and I started making more progress with strengthening my back.

I’ve now been working full-time for 6 months & getting back to some of my old activities. I’m sure I would never have known I had a protozoal infection if I hadn’t seen Emma as I had no idea it was there. I also have a far greater knowledge of nutrition and how to maintain my health for life. Emma’s knowledge of nutrition far surpasses that of anyone I’ve met and her advice is very different and makes much more sense than the government’s low fat nonsense. Throughout, Emma and her office staff have been hugely supportive and have always been quick to respond to any problems and concerns. Nicki and Sarah are always there at the end of an email.

Don’t expect an easy quick fix, but you might just get a diagnosis you’d never get with the NHS. Overall I’ve made a very worthwhile investment, Emma, along with the great team at the Bowskill Clinic have given me my career back.

– Rebecca Race, Scotland