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Numerous problems with my feet from the age of 10

I have been plagued by numerous problems with my feet from the age of 10. Athlete’s foot, toenail infections, in growing toenails etc. Along with all the ailments, I got as many different diagnoses as to what was causing my problems. ‘You need to dry your feet properly’ or ‘it’s a fungal infection here take this drug’. By now my feet were a great source of self-awareness as my toenail infection looked pretty bad (not really what you want on a beach!) and many different areas of my body were becoming itchy. So enough was enough and I decided to go to the doctors.

My doctor diagnosed a fungal infection and gave me prescription drugs to take. Two years later I was still taking the drugs (even though I specifically remember the doctor saying you should only take them for 1 year) and the toenail infection, although better, had still not cleared up. At this point, my health started to take a turn for the worse due to nutrition and lifestyle issues. This was not helped by the fact that I had been taking a highly toxic drug for 1 year longer than the recommended amount. In December of 2004, I crashed and was left feeling like I had been tranquilized 24/7. To even get out of a chair was hard work let alone go running with my clients.

Thankfully I was introduced to Emma Lane after one of my CHEK courses late in December 2004. Emma I was told, was an expert in ridding the body of parasite/fungal infections. I met with Emma soon after I crashed and was looking for a speedy recovery to my ailments. Emma informed me that parasites put a tremendous strain on the adrenal glands and had probably contributed to my fatigue which was still a huge problem.

Armed with the protocols and information that I needed to follow I returned home with a sense of ‘this is what I have been looking for’. I had to keep in regular contact with Emma keeping her up to date with how I felt and what was happening within my body so that she could continue to guide me. One year on I can honestly say I can’t remember feeling this good. My toenail infection has completely gone, there is no more itching, my fatigue has been replaced by abundant amounts of energy and everyone is commenting on how good I look.

It has been a long slog and I know there is still a way to go but it has all been worth it. Looking back on it, all the other solutions to my problems were of a quick-fix mentality. I won’t lie to you and say it’s easy, Emma’s protocols are hard work and require lots of commitment, but the results speak for themselves.

If I had not addressed my issues with parasites I would have lived a sub-optimal life full of ill health and lack of energy. Thanks to Emma I now have the energy and health to live my dreams.”

– James Menage – Australia