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Persistent stomach and bowel pains

I lead a life which is comparatively busy and stressful. When I started working with Emma, more than 5 years ago, my energy levels were low and I was experiencing persistent stomach and bowel pains. As Emma expressed it, after years of neglect, I had the bowels of a man 20 years older than I was then, and my stress levels were likely to result in serious illness at a relatively young age. Working with Emma is a big commitment. Her patients need to be able to control their diet, and change their habits as well as many of their preconceptions. After much work, under Emma’s guidance, I have hugely improved my energy levels , reduced stress levels and am able to understand and control my stomach and bowel pains. Emma has helped me to see my body as a system and has opened my eyes to many things that many doctors were unable to show me. I hope to continue working with Emma for many years, and to continue improving my health and well being under her guidance. Thank you Emma!

– Simon Copleston, Abu Dhabi