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The importance of parasympathetic exercises to recover fatigued body

Emma has guided me through a personal journey of recovery that no other person could have facilitated. As a Holistic Health Practitioner I knew that Emma’s knowledge would be invaluable and I respected her skills tremendously. The moment I entered Emma’s office she put me at ease, guiding me through the dietary changes I needed to make, introducing an exercise programme but more importantly, helping me understand the importance of parasympathetic exercises so my fatigued body could recover.

I appreciated Emma’s compassion, non-judgmental and honest approach. As a Chek Practitioner and busy fitness professional for 14 years, I was burnt out. Poor nutrition and over-exercising were lifestyle habits that contributed to a tired mind and body. Panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, spinal misalignment, a severely compromised digestive system and poor liver function dictated my life. Hormonally I was not in good shape and years of being a vegetarian had left my digestive tract in real trouble.

Emma guided me through the dietary changes I needed to make which were easy to incorporate. Through testing, Emma established my gut deficiencies and we worked together to improve this for better health and vitality. Emma introduced me to specific exercises to help improve my thought patterns and bring harmony back to my life. These proved to be absolutely invaluable in my return to health. Emma has provided me with continually changing programmes that stimulate both my mind and body.

I have been able to turn to Emma for guidance after a serious knee injury and have made a remarkable recovery from major re-constructive surgery under her care. I am in no doubt that Emma has been able to give me the tools to get my life back. I am now physically and mentally strong, healthy and happy. That gift is priceless.”

– Racheal Preece – UK
Chek Practitioner level II, NLC III