The importance of parasympathetic exercises to recover fatigued body

Emma has guided me through a personal journey of recovery that no other person could have facilitated. As a Holistic Health Practitioner I knew that Emma’s knowledge would be invaluable and I respected her skills tremendously. The moment I entered Emma’s office she put me at ease, guiding me through the dietary changes I needed to make, introducing an exercise programme but more importantly, helping me understand the importance of parasympathetic exercises so my fatigued body could recover.

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Suffering for many years with a debilitating back problem

After suffering for many years with a debilitating back problem and having tried physiotherapy and almost every other approach with no success, I was no longer able to participate in my favourite hobbies, gardening and walking as I was in continual pain. A friend who was training with Emma Lane at the time strongly recommended that I contact Emma as she was confident that she would be able to help me.

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Numerous problems with my feet from the age of 10

I have been plagued by numerous problems with my feet from the age of 10. Athlete’s foot, toenail infections, in growing toenails etc. Along with all the ailments, I got as many different diagnoses as to what was causing my problems. ‘You need to dry your feet properly’ or ‘it’s a fungal infection here take this drug’. By now my feet were a great source of self-awareness as my toenail infection looked pretty bad (not really what you want on a beach!) and many different areas of my body were becoming itchy. So enough was enough and I decided to go to the doctors.

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I suffer from a heart condition

“I suffer from a heart condition and on medical advice I have been working on a one-to-one basis with Emma Lane at Energize Mind Body for a number of years on a regular basis. During that time my medical condition has been kept well under control and my general health has improved considerably as a result of the professional advice, commitment and support I have received.

I have been able to comfortably alter my less than positive eating and lifestyle habits to ones which have considerably aided in increasing my health and vitality to the level they are today thanks to Emma’s professional friendly guidance.

I strongly recommend any one in a similar situation to employ the services of Emma Lane; who in my view is the consummate professional.”

– Geoff Gray
Insurance director – UK

GI trouble within days of taking an antibiotic

I first met Emma in 2007 after being quite frustrated for a few years, because GI specialists couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

I’d had GI trouble within days of taking an antibiotic in 2004, which also caused a skin rash on my entire body. I was physically and emotionally stressed after having my 4th child, in the midst of starting my new career as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.

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