Devastating diagnosis of chronic hepatitis

After a devastating out-of-the-blue diagnosis of chronic hepatitis, I was further distressed that my doctor dismissed my desire to be as fit as possible before treatment. What could I do? My trainer at the gym recommended that I see Emma Lane. She would help me, he said.

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IBS attacks after giving birth

I started to get IBS attacks after the birth of my son 11 years ago, attacks were infrequent but as time has gone on the attacks became more regular, lasted longer and were much more painful to the point of debilitation. My GP although happy to diagnose and treatment the symptoms could offer no solution to the cause.

I finally arranged to see Emma in December 2014 after a recommendation from a friend who had been helped.

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Bad lower back pain, muscular spasms in both legs and loss of use of the right foot and toes

When I first went to Energize, I had endured eighteen months of severe back trouble. I had bad lower back pain, muscular spasms in both legs and loss of use of my right foot and toes. I was gradually becoming less mobile and “hunched” up. Daily I had to take large doses of painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Everything seemed to aggravate the pain, from getting out of bed to driving the car. I could only carry our baby to bed by hauling myself upstairs using the banister rail and shuffling up one step at a time.

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I feel more energised and confident than I have for a long time

I am a practitioner, sports therapist, and health and nutrition coach. I chose Emma to work with as a mentor after taking the HLC 1 course in 2010. I was impressed by her obvious passion, way of thinking and in depth knowledge, which shines out. I feel a responsibility to the people that come to me for help, to give them the best quality information and advice, the best way of working and to be the best example for them.

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I have had many problems with my body which I have struggled to fix

Over the last 16 years I have had many problems with my body which I have struggled to fix. I have seen doctors, physios, to name a few, but without any success to cure the problems. For many years I thought that I was eating healthy foods, cutting out fats and salts and not really knowing what was in my foods. I was introduced to Emma Lane, a truly remarkable woman, who has a great understanding on nutrition and how certain foods effects the body.

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Persistent stomach and bowel pains

I lead a life which is comparatively busy and stressful. When I started working with Emma, more than 5 years ago, my energy levels were low and I was experiencing persistent stomach and bowel pains. As Emma expressed it, after years of neglect, I had the bowels of a man 20 years older than I was then, and my stress levels were likely to result in serious illness at a relatively young age.

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